Our technology transforms an extensive disposal/deposit problem into valuable reusable PA, PE  and PP plastics and high quality steel resources.

Awareness of environmental impacts, geopolitics and a focus on increasing efficiency in the collecting of waste streams has created incentives for the fishing industry to stop dumping used fishing gear into the ocean, thus moving the issue to on-shore handling of nets, wires and other types of gear. (Taifun wires consist of weaved steel and PA and constitute a particular challenge for mechanical treatment because of its composite of two very strong materials.)


Our creativity for solutions derives from the imagination, designs, innovations, strategies and collective implementation methodologies that meet the diverse needs of our clients and partners. Through the use of technology, we provide treatment methods that have shown the ability to effectively recycle plastics and metals from net and trawl without downgrading the quality and thereby loose valuable resources. With our recycling technology the used maritime materials can be recycled 100% in a closed loop.

The scarcity of resources means that waste is increasingly becoming a source of income rather than just a nuisance. Consequently, Plastix’ waste strategy focus on ensuring that all used maritime equipments are recycled and prepared for reuse. Plastix view sustainability as an integrated part of our business innovation and we are doing our part to ensure the transition to a green economy becomes a reality. In doing so, we are contributing to a more sustainable world by:

  • Advancing technologies to reduce waste
  • Increasing recycling and re-use
  • Developing sources of renewables
  • Sharing the benefits of our learning and innovation with our clients and collaborators