We are happy to announce that great progress has been made from the International Plastics recycling groups.

Great initiative from the global recycling associations in the effort to provide a consistent metric to guide the efforts of sustainability for plastics in the Circular Economy.

Two of the leading global international recycling organizations, Plastics Recycling Europe and The Association of Plastic Recyclers have developed a global definition governing the use of the term “recyclable” as is relates to plastics packaging and products.

Plastics must meet four conditions for a product to be considered recyclable:

  1. The product must be made with a plastic that is collected for recycling, has market value and/or is supported by a legislatively mandated program.
  2. The product must be sorted and aggregated into defined streams for recycling processes.
  3. The product can be processed and reclaimed/recycled with commercial recycling processes.
  4. The recycled plastic becomes a raw material that is used in the production of new products.

Plastix salutes this fine initiative and urges the global industry front runners to accelerate the plastics raw materials transition into Green Plastic recyclates.

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