Certification Program for Input Suppliers

Plastix  has developed an extensive Collection and Supply System (CSS) and cooperates with the maritime and fishing industry, ports and a number of NGOs on the collection and receipt of used fishing nets, trawls and ropes.

At the request of maritime industry stakeholders, fishermen and various harbours, Plastix has implemented a Certification Program for Input Suppliers. The program is based on process methods in ISO certifications programs and offers Bronze, Silver or Gold Certificates. The Certification Program is audited by PLASTIX and allows input suppliers to brand and market their environmental efforts. With the certification program suppliers are able to strengthen their green profile by documenting their CO2 emission savings as well as their efforts to reduce landfilling, to reduce equipment lost or dumped at sea and to save valuable resources.

The Programme is managed by:
Peter Buhl, Input & Logistics Manager. E: peter@plastixglobal.com ; M: +45 9244 8005