During the 24 months project period, PLASTIX and its four project 
partners have exceeded project objectives by:

Developing, building and upscaling a recycling technology plant for the treatment of discarded fishing nets, trawls and ropes at a cost competitive unit treatment price.

  • Developing, building and upscaling an innovative, mechanical steel production line.
  • Developing an extensive Collection and Supply System (CSS)
  • Preparing an exploitation plan for the spreading and replication of the PLASTIX technology and plant concept to the European and global markets with initial focus on Spain.
  • Developing an (almost) closed loop business model for the production value chain in order to achieve the full benefits from plastic recycling, including a circular business model for the maritime industry.
  • Achieving an outstanding result in the Life Cycle Assessment
The reTRAWL Partners with each their individual complementary activities jointly account for nearly a full circle on a global scale already today with potentials to be further explored. However, to actually achieve real closed loops in the value chain, additional horizontal multi stakeholder co-creative collaborations are essential and currently being expanded into force.
Project Participants:
Plastix A/S, Denmark (Project Co-ordinator)
Uddeholms AB, Sweden
EFD Induction AS, Norway
Merkx, Bernard A.J. GreenWavePlastics, Netherlands
JJ Chicolino SL, Spain