The objective of RETRAWL is to upscale an innovative recycling technology, which transforms used maritime waste into high quality plastic and steel commodities.

Closing the loop by adding value to both specific plastics and metal waste by using state of the art technology, which meets all international requirements, will contribute to move from a linear into a more circular maritime economy. At the same time the technology offers huge potential to globally resolve an emerging part of the marine debris issues, namely ghost nets, not only causing severe harm to sea life and the marine environment but also accounting for considerable economic damage.

The innovative elements of the technology and methods have shown the ability to effectively recycle the plastics and metals from amongst others fishing equipment into high quality resources, enabling substantial CO2 emission savings and at same time meeting the capacity targets necessary for a viable production economy.

Furthermore the project partners intent to exploit the technology to other European and global markets with initial focus on Spain and to investigate and implement a closed loop business model for the maritime industry.