Collective strength is capable of creating great change. Plastix integrates expertise from
commercial and non-commercial organizations to bring out the collective strength to
achieve a sustainable world.

Plastix has thus engaged a group of state of the art project partners who contribute to the
enhancement of Plastix’ mission and vision, value creation for each individual partner’s
respective business models and ‘win-win’ solutions through co-creative processes.
These co-creative processes means that value is not created just inside the firm and only
then exchanged with passive customers, but enhance that value is co-created together
with active input and out-put costumers. We realize that this involves moving away from a
company- and product-centric view of value creation towards a customer experience
centric view of co-creation of value.

Our innovation platform is presented not only with knowledge, but also getting the
opportunity to meet customers and enter into cooperation to solve their challenges. Joining
forces generates new business opportunities that are hard to accomplish independently.
This is in our view the only way we are able to improve sustainable solutions for the benefit
of our oceans and our planet.

Project partners
EFD Induction AS, Norway (
EFD Induction specializes in induction heating systems and is Europe’s largest supplier
of induction solutions for industry with manufacturing plants, workshops and service
centres in more than 20 countries worldwide. Since its establishment in 1996, the company
has developed the industry’s most comprehensive range of induction heating products—
from small mobile generators to fully automated, customized in-line systems. EFD
Induction offers systems of industrial heat treatment and processing, mobile heat
generators, universal heat generators as well as high-output solid-waste welders.
Green Wave Plastics, Netherlands (

For 25 years, the owner of the Dutch company Green Wave Plastics has assisted
businesses in the international plastic & rubber industry and the fishery industry in improving
sustainability and profitability by offering pragmatic and management-based solutions
to plastic recycling. Green Wave Plastics is a small consultant firm with an extensive
network in the business. With the overall goal of securing waste-free oceans the company
also acts as advisor for national and international authorities, trade associations, and
stakeholders on how to improve waste management, clear bottlenecks and enhance the
use of recyclables for various applications.

Embla, Associate Professor Birgit Kjærside Storm (
Embla is owned by Associate Professor Birgit Storm, former employee at Aalborg University
(AAU) at the Faculty of Engineering and Science, Department of Biotechnology, Chemistry
and Environmental Engineering, Esbjerg Institute of Technology, AAU, Section of Chemical
Engineering and PoEM Research Group (Polymers and Engineering Materials). She
and her team conducts laboratory analysis and documentation of plastic qualities from test
profiles, assists with our REACH application and conduct input to process adjustment for
improving plastic qualities.

Schnoor Plast ApS, Denmark (
Schnoor Plast is a B2B plastic element producer with extensive experience with soft as
well as hard plastic. Schnoor Plast delivers high quality end solutions for a variety of
demanding customers using their 3D-printer and technologies designed and built by
Schoor Plast. Test productions for privately conducted innovation projects are also part
of Schnoor Plast’s proud portfolio.