Product Information
OceanIX HDPE is a recyclate made from discarded fishing nets and trawls. Fishing nets and trawls are made of raw materials of high quality to fulfil requirements of abrasion resistance, tensile strength and chemical resistance.

By using OceanIX HDPE and with reference to Plastix’ Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) you are saving our planet for 1650 kg CO2 equivalent emissions in comparison with similar virgin plastic material, every time you use 1000 kg OceanIX HDPE, improving CO2 emission savings by a factor 1 : 5,5. Depending on your application, the percentage of OceanIX HDPE used and the end of life option for your own product, you could even further increase the CO2 and resource savings.

By using OceanIX HDPE on a regular basis you will automatically enter into a certification scheme that could reward you with Plastix’ Certificate as official “Certified Recyclates User of Discarded Fishing Net and Trawl” to become part of your CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) achievements.

By using OceanIX HDPE as your prevailing green raw material choice you directly contribute to further closing the material loops, reducing landfilling, marine pollution and loss of valuable resources.