Collective strength is capable of creating great change. Plastix integrates expertise from commercial and non-commercial organizations to bring out the collective strength to achieve a sustainable world.

Plastix has thus engaged a group of state of the art project partners who contribute to the enhancement of Plastix’ mission and vision, value creation for each individual partner’s respective business models and ‘win-win’ solutions through co-creative processes.

These co-creative processes means that value is not created just inside the firm and only then exchanged with passive customers, but enhance that value is co-created together with active input and out-put costumers. We realize that this involves moving away from a company- and product-centric view of value creation towards a customer experience centric view of co-creation of value.

Our innovation platform is presented not only with knowledge, but also getting the opportunity to meet customers and enter into cooperation to solve their challenges. Joining forces generates new business opportunities that are hard to accomplish independently.

This is in our view the only way we are able to improve sustainable solutions for the benefit of our oceans and our planet.