From rope to rope – industry partners close the loop.

In a joint collaboration, DFS, Randers Reb, epsotech, and PLASTIX create the first ever maritime rope – made from PLASTIX’ recycled post-use maritime ropes.

This comes as ground-breaking proof that the circular loop, even on products as technically complex as maritime gear, can be fully and successfully closed, to be recycled again and again.

Additionally futureproofing the industry for upcoming legislative requirements on maritime gear and linked extended producer responsibilities, this further marks a case for the type of innovative and holistic cross-industry solutions needed to transition into the Circular New Plastics Economy,

The production of fibres and subsequent rope, from Green Plastics raw material manufactured by PLASTIX, a recycler of post-use maritime gear, came as a validation to their efforts. “It is an indisputable confirmation that our inhouse developed mechanical recycling technology is able to produce raw material of utmost quality and purity necessary for fibre production,” says Hans Axel Kristensen, CEO, PLASTIX.

DFS in Sweden, grown from its humble beginning as a trawl manufacturer in 1950, is today Sweden’s leading ship supplier, delivering to commercial vessels as well as the offshore industry.

Pledging to do its part when it comes to securing a better tomorrow, DFS advocates environmental alternatives to their customers. “It is well known that the entire maritime cluster is under heavy pressure to improve on all issues concerning environmental progress, at DFS we see it as our obligation to provide our customers with solutions to help them on that journey,” says Marcus Nilsson, Retail Manager Fishing & Mooring Ropes, DFS.

Rather than waiting on customer demand, DFS saw it as their prerogative to drive this innovation to offer their customers a recycled maritime rope, enabling each of them to partake in the responsibility of taking care of the ocean.

“We will continue forward with our motto, ‘Let nothing go to waste!’, and do our part to reach the ultimate goal of a plastic-free ocean. One innovation at a time! “, says Marcus.

With almost 200 years of experience and craftsmanship in producing ropes, Randers Reb first started supplying Nilsson’s Grandfather at DFS in the late 1950’s. “We were extremely glad” says Marcus, “when Randers Reb agreed to collaborate in our ambition for innovation”.

Located in Denmark, Randers Reb provides ropes to the commercial fishing and maritime sector, as well as the leisure industry globally. “We are pleased to be part in this process and will do our outmost to develop products that maximise the use of recycled plastics, and at the same time reduce the global carbon footprint for the maritime sector as well as other sectors using ropes,” says Bent Herold, CEO of Randers Reb, seeing this development as an opportunity for high-quality sustainable and circular products protecting the oceans.

Established on the market for over 60 years as a manufacturer of thermoformed plastic sheets and rolls, epsotech has recently renewed their commitment to sustainability. By creating a new segmented structure including a dedicated fibre segment, their mission is to gradually offer a fully recyclable portfolio, including a high recyclate content.

With their already extensive experience in working with PLASTIX’ OceanIX material, it seemed like a natural step to collaborate on spinning fibres, and as such extend the product applicability of PLASTIX’ recycled material. “We are proud to be enablers for the Circular Economy and front-runners in integrating recycled material into new products,” says Dr Matthias Stein, CEO, epsotech.

Breathing further life into PLASTIX’ endeavour to prevent ocean plastic waste and reduce CO2 emissions through circular solutions, this collaboration across the industry value-chain highlights the synergies and opportunities present, when looking at the big picture.

“It taps into the reality that any plastics consuming industry must start integrating the minimum amount of Green Plastics into their products thereby legitimising their ‘Licence to Operate’,” says Hans Axel, “And this isn’t just limited to the maritime industry. Other industries like logistics, agriculture, leisure and sports can as off now also benefit from this innovative development”.

Authorities can greatly contribute to achieving the COP21 Paris Climate Agreement goals by adding sufficient financial value to these CO2 savings and further stimulate the uptake of recyclates by any industry.

“To ‘come full circle’ no longer connotates a lack of progress, rather, it now represents the urgently needed axiom for a sustainable future,” says Hans Axel.

“This is a real historical moment and major breakthrough towards more circularity in the maritime industry. We really trust that EU Member States and authorities around the world will further speed up their efforts to also use their Green Public Procurement power to create a structural and sustainable market for these fully circular ropes, and other products, in both the blue and green economy. Waste Free Oceans is very proud to have been inspirational for these developments and warmly congratulates the partners involved”.

Bernard Merkx – Founder, Waste Free Oceans Foundation

For more information please contact:

PLASTIX A/S (Denmark)
Fenella Metz for CEO Hans Axel Kristensen
Business Development & Project Manager
T: +45 54 55 55 05

DFS AB (Sweden)
Marcus Nilsson
Retail Manager – Fishing & Mooring Ropes
T: +46 765-26 95 05

epsotech Group
Jørn Haahr
Managing Director, epsotech Denmark A/S
T: +45 29 23 22 66

Randers Reb International A/S (Denmark)
Bent Herold
T: +45 89 11 12 13

Waste Free Oceans
T:+32 2 739 63 79

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