Shopping goes green

PLASTIX’ OceanIX material has been chosen by one of the major players in the international industry for food service, shopping carts and baskets, Araven S.L, to be used in their amazing new line of recycled shopping carts and baskets – Oceanis. This new line of shopping carts and baskets not only provide the same technical and mechanical qualities as the standard line, but also help protect the environment by reducing the energy consumption and CO2 emissions to the atmosphere by 20%.
Oceanis represents an important step in a continual commitment to innovation catering to the needs of customers as well as our planet. With this initiative, Araven puts itself at the forefront of a circular economy model, enabling retail brands to incorporate sustainable elements in their daily activities.

At PLASTIX, we are proud to be part of this project and see this as another great example of the transformation of the plastic industry into a sustainable and Circular New Plastics Economy- A transformation driven by those, who take the plastic waste challenge seriously and offer solutions that cater to a more sustainable world.

Watch Araven’s great film about the Oceanis line here…

See more about Oceanis line here: https://retailequipamiento.araven.com/recycled-shopping-ba…/

Araven is an international enterprise with 40 years’ history on the market that designs, manufactures and sells a complete and innovative range of products directed at PROFESSIONALS in the FOOD SERVICE sector, the RETAIL EQUIPMENT sector, as well as solutions for the HOUSEHOLD.

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